Fundraise Ukraine with The Mentor Family Network Organization are raising funds to help Ukrainian refugees through aid and resettlement services in Canada.

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Mentor Families or Individuals

Mentor Family or Individuals

Mentor Families/Individuals are a networked group of families or individuals who can dedicate time and knowledge of the Canadian landscape to assist arriving refugees integrate quickly and smoothly into the community with the goal of quickly becoming independent. Mentor Families or Individuals can provide or include accommodation, but do not have to. It also helps if they can speak Ukrainian or other slavic languages, but is not required. 

Why, What, How and When

We recognized that current government-based programs and services are not able to handle all of the unprecedented load and challenges of millions of refugees fleeing Ukraine. MFNO supports those refugess who are trying to make their way to Canada. 

We were formed to help with these challenges by fundraising to aid Ukrainians arriving in Canada.


Fundraise Ukraine is backed by the Mentor Family Network Organization (MFNO). A federally registered charitable organization (732632203 RR0001)) whose team is dedicated to providing aid and assistance and settlement services for refugees and those seeking asylum in Canada.

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